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jazz guitar lesson, jazz guitar chords

Comping, two five changes, dorian modes, altered scales, and m7b5 chords are a few of the many pieces of jargon you’ll hear when it comes to Jazz guitar. And none of it gets down to the heart of what it really is.

I read an article recently that used words like this, as well as supplying recommendations I study “jazz literature” and see how the “jazz greats” use C7#11 chords. It was all a bunch of bull.

No genre of music comes down to one or two guitar techniques or chords like C7#11. Instead it’s the combination of harmony and rhythm that creates the unique chord progressions and instrumental parts that create Jazz, Country, Rock, or any genre. Once that step is completed you’ll THEN be playing Jazz guitar over all of that.

It’s a whole lot easier to give you a lick, or list a bunch of chord shapes, then send you on your way. But I had to navigate through all of this confusion to get something out of it, and I’m going to help you reap the benefits of this style of music too, without going through the same effort. [click to continue…]

How To Play Guitar For Beginners, How To Play Guitar, Beginner Guitar Lessons, Beginner Guitar Songs

I started playing guitar with a scale book, a few tabs I printed out from the Internet, and an electric guitar with no amp. I didn’t step foot into a Guitar Center for six months. My only friend that I could get advice from was 30 miles away. Plus, all the information I found was a variation on how loud someone could say, “LEARN A G CHORD!”

I was on my own.

The only edge I had was that I loved music with the guitar in it and was determined to do anything to play it.

However I had many obstacles waiting for me that I didn’t yet know how to overcome.

Information overload was the first one. Simply googling for guitar chords drops you into the middle of the chaos!

It would seem so simple to plug in a few chords and you’re then playing a song. But I quickly found out that there’s more to it then that.

The next thing was bad advice. EVERYBODY has an opinion on what the quickest way to play guitar is, and most of it can be summed up like this: learn how to strum chords. Maybe there’s some exercises but that’s really it. They’ll never help you deconstruct a guitar tab and help you learn how to listen to the music you’re hearing.

Unwise spending is one more.

Gibson and Fender have spent a lot of money marketing their brands across Guitar Center and Guitar Hero, while also signing every big name player they can, all in an effort to convince you that buying this household name will make you play like your heroes.

It won’t.

Guitars don’t come with built-in knowledge of musical fundamentals.

The biggest obstacle that most people have is mental. They don’t have a clear goal to reach.

And it’s often a vague declaration stating, “I want to play guitar!!!”

Okay. What exactly do you want to play?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who’ve taken up the challenge of playing the instrument and the problems I just mentioned were the biggest reasons why they failed.

But it can be solved with these SEVEN crucial skills……..

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Theory, Blues Guitar Theory, Country Guitar Theory, Slash Guitar Lessons, Intervals On Guitar Explained

Admit it, you use chords and scales.

That means you use theory, and that you’re probably not using it right…….

That’s okay though and it’s because everyone told you to memorize a bunch of BS.

The three guys I’ll be talking about in this lesson DIDN’T DO THAT!

They learned a few things, then applied it, then learned a few more things, and on and on till they had their own unique command over the fretboard.

So let’s dive in and see exactly what they were up to when they created their memorable riffs & licks…… [click to continue…]

lead guitar tips and tricks, how to make guitar solos, how to make guitar solos interesting, how to turn a scale into a solo

For many guitar players, knowing how to make great guitar solos and use scales, arpeggios, chords, and melody to do that is the holy grail of playing.

However there are many obstacles to getting this good at guitar…..

Confusing guitar lessons…..

Humongous scale books….

And just getting good enough to practice this stuff!

So what I did was made you a video as well as a free eBook that’ll tell you all about how I….. [click to continue…]

Marty Friedman Guitar Lesson, Marty Friedman Guitar Tabs

Marty Friedman’s guitar style is unlike anything other’s in the guitar playing world due to his masterly mixture of melody, exoticism, and good ol rock n roll.

And I don’t know about you, but like there to be more to guitar playing than an olympian sprint to finish a tricky, finger-twisting lead solo, which is why I made this guitar lesson about Marty Friedman.

You’ll see how he thinks about the chords he’s playing over, some interesting ways to make a melodic line, as well seeing him in action on some youtube videos you may have overlooked…..

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