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Thanks So Much Signing Up To Play It Loud! (Sorry For The Ugly Thank You Page Though)

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I have no doubt you're aching to get into the training, but there's just a few things you've gotta do first.......

1) Check Your Email! There will be a message asking you to create a profile at playitloudexpertsonly.com/wp-login.php. After you follow the steps at this address, you'll be redirected to the page with all of the downloads, the videos, and the e-books. 

2) Please tell me you read all the letter and watched all the video! 

I went over everything you're getting in there, and made it very clear that you're getting more than an ebook......

I still get emails from people who jump the gun and ask for the ebook link, when I say that this is videos too. What gives? 

Follow step 1 and get er done dude. 

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