country electric guitar

To show you how effectively you can use the fundamentals of music towards any genre, I’m going to giving you the cliff notes version of Country Electric Guitar in 3 EASY STEPS.

I’ve always hated the idea of learning licks because I somehow knew that you couldn’t really use them in your own music. Maybe as a spin-off or if the harmonic structure was the same as where it came from, but why copy someone else’s song?

The fact is that every genre is based around sounds that you can instantly recall to the audience. This is because genres are built out of formulas that can be replicated through theoretical concepts.

I’m calling this a guitar hack. If you can life hack and travel hack, by damn you can hack a piece of wood with strings on it….. [click to continue…]


scales over chords, what scales work over what chords

One of the most common stumbling blocks every aspiring guitarist encounters is knowing how to choose a scale to solo with.

However many of you probably have no idea which scales to use with what chords…….

So I wrote this article to give you a couple of examples that’ll not only explain this process, but also explain a crucial error that you’re probably making every time you play a scale.

Keep reading this article to see what that error is…….. [click to continue…]


How To Play Like Jimi Hendrix, How to Use Jimi Hendrix's Chords There is absolutely, positively, no un-godly way you know these chords I’m about to show you!

These are the shapes no glossy, colorful chord book you purchased at Barnes & Noble will have, and that’s because the people who made these books decided that they’re too tough for you to use. Can you believe the nerve of these jerks?

This is literally an entire world of music that’s been hidden from us all because we thought we knew all the chords. Now that I’ve enticed you, I shall deliver for you.  [click to continue…]

Tchaikovsky Guitar Tab

Have you ever tried adapting one of your favorite classical tunes on the guitar, or do you just wish that more of them were available on guitar tabs?

Well mine aren’t perfect, but I believe these will hold over a few people especially if you’re also a Tchaikovsky fan like me!

In this article, I tabbed four of his most well-known melodies. 3 of these are probably driving you crazy because every car commercial and Duck Dynasty special is using this music.

They’re also not easy, but if you’re brave enough keep reading and check it out! [click to continue…]

One Of The Only Hip Hop Guitar Lessons Ever: Jay-Z, MC Hammer, Biggie, and Others Can Be Found Here

December 5, 2013

Everyone thinks that Rock n’ Roll is the big, bad king of the musical realm, but the truth is that hip-hop has turned this barking dog into a neutered poodle……. How could I make such a harsh criticism of a musical genre I truly and deeply admire? It’s because hip-hop has repossessed all the fun […]

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9 Unconventional Girl Guitar Songs You Can Play Now

October 31, 2013

The guitar repertoire has been dominated for a long time by the boys, and this is mostly due to the fact that guitar songs enjoyed by the girls isn’t playable on the guitar most of the time. Music that typically relates to many girls like Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga is made […]

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6 Of The Guitar’s Biggest Problems Today

September 25, 2013

The guitar is starting to get left behind in the music world. All of our musings on scales, Hendrix, and the degradation of the “mainstream” are causing a seriously unhealthy outlook on the reality of the industry, while helping us put aside the fact that the instrument is becoming irrelevant. Blasphemy you say??? Hardly. I […]

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The Case Against Chords: A Coldplay Guitar Lesson With Tabs

September 20, 2013

Guitar chords don’t actually tell you how to play the music you hear. They’re actually just a shortcut to the song’s harmony that kinda, sorta helps you sound like the song. G, C, and D will help you play a lot of music for the guitar, but not everything, like a lot of guitar methods […]

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7 Guitar Music Theory Tricks You Need To Know

September 13, 2013

When I first played a pentatonic scale pattern, it clicked. The whole mystery of guitar music theory was resolved in a moment. All you had to do was play a certain combination of notes that the flimsy book at my side had told me to. And voila, I was a lead guitarist. Sadly most players […]

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How To Create Sexy Spanish Guitar Music: A Lesson On Exotic Guitar Scales

September 10, 2013

One of the things I’ve been getting into lately are these chillout mixes using Arabic, Spanish, and Indian melodies that you can listen to on YouTube. Ever since I watched Temple Of Doom when I was little, I’ve been entranced by anything that hints at exotic locales like deserts, beaches, city nights, etc. So when […]

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