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If I had someone to tell me what an ignoramus I was to do something as stupid as play a Marty Friedman solo completely downpicked…I could be at Steve Vai’s level! (haha I wish)

Unfortunately I had to lose money to overpriced distortion pedals, thumb through guitar forums for hints of how to play tricky SRV blues riffs, and iron out the bad habits like the downpicking all on my own.

Bad habits in terms of mindsets towards your approach of the instrument, as well as techniques and skills you failed to acquire, can take months or even years away from your progress. So if your goal is to be a serious super shredder or simply get past playing your best version of “Smoke On The Water” it’s about time to about face.

Let’s start with a story…… [click to continue…]

advanced guitar lessons

So, are you getting bored playing smoke on the water yet?

No offense, but it’s probably time that you stepped up a little. We’ve all heard the same songs played over and over and we want you to wow us with something cool!

But here’s the other thing…….

Are there songs you can’t play yet despite how well you can play some of these basic songs?

Well if there are, there’s a few more things you’ve gotta learn about playing guitar.

Here’s seven of them…… [click to continue…]

blues guitar lesson, blues guitar, blues scale

This is an old, tired, and severely beat up subject: blues guitar…….

It’s the guitar style that spawned jazz, rock, country, Kesha, blah blah blah.

You get it. You’re not here to hear a history about it I’m sure.

What I have for you is 3 videos and a short article that’ll give you a solid intro to this guitar style.

Master these three concepts, and you’ll have most of the genre down and you can start making your own sick blues riffs and solos.

Let’s dive in…… [click to continue…]

Remember this scene in Animal House where John Belushi encounters that fruitcake playing guitar surrounded by women? He’s wearing a black sweater, sporting a horrible mustache, and strumming a nylon-stringed guitar all while serenading his fans with a cheesy love lyric that goes “I gave my love a chicken.”

John Belushi’s eyebrows reflect the audience’s perspective in that he’s asking “What is this weirdo doing in my frat house playing this corny love song?”

He breaks his calm demeanor and proceeds to batter the guitar against the wall! All the while this sensitive guy is in shock over why some crazy asshole like him is doing this! Then the women are panicking as the remnants of the acoustic guitar ricochet in their direction.

John Belushi is “Sorry” but we, the audience, are not.

The reason is that the clash between these two characters is a typical occurrence when we find someone who plays the guitar to “score with chicks!”

Let me tell you the truth Beavis. We’re gonna score, finally! [click to continue…]

jazz guitar lesson, jazz guitar chords

Comping, two five changes, dorian modes, altered scales, and m7b5 chords are a few of the many pieces of jargon you’ll hear when it comes to Jazz guitar. And none of it gets down to the heart of what it really is.

I read an article recently that used words like this, as well as supplying recommendations I study “jazz literature” and see how the “jazz greats” use C7#11 chords. It was all a bunch of bull.

No genre of music comes down to one or two guitar techniques or chords like C7#11. Instead it’s the combination of harmony and rhythm that creates the unique chord progressions and instrumental parts that create Jazz, Country, Rock, or any genre. Once that step is completed you’ll THEN be playing Jazz guitar over all of that.

It’s a whole lot easier to give you a lick, or list a bunch of chord shapes, then send you on your way. But I had to navigate through all of this confusion to get something out of it, and I’m going to help you reap the benefits of this style of music too, without going through the same effort. [click to continue…]